Friday, March 25, 2011

Catching Up

This week was study break, we get 3 of them throughout the semester, which is awesome! We have an anatomy test on Monday, so it's been mainly trying to study for that, successfully or not I'm not sure. :P I guess I'll find out on Monday. Otherwise, uni has been going really good, I enjoy my classes and especially enjoy hanging out with the wonderful group of girls that I have met here. We've become a pretty close nit group and do most everything together (either as a big group or in smaller sub-goups). :) My little group is composed of:
Maren- Calgary, Canada
Caitlin- Vancouver, Canada
Ashley- Illinois, USA
Stina- Kristiansand, Norway
Alisa- Brisbane, Australia
Aimee- Perth, Australia
and of course me ;P

Pic of all of us at Caitlin and Iain's house. (left to right: Aimee, Maren, Caitlin, Alisa, Lauren, Ashley, Stina)

Ashley is leaving us soon because it's too expensive for her to keep going here and she got into some other vet schools (in Illinois and London)... she just came here cause I guess they wouldn't let her defer and she didn't know at the time if she'd gotten into the others.
And Stina, even though she's Norwegian, she went to uni in Wales, so she sounds British (I love it) and I sometimes forget about her Norwegian-ness. :P
I love all of these girls, it's an amazing group and I am sooooo lucky to have them as friends. :)
On Wednesday of this week we all got together (with a few exceptions) at my house for a movie, pizza, and ice cream sundays! We have also been over at Caitlin and Iain's (her fiancee) place a few times. I have hung out quite a few times at Stina's place in Freo, which is so cute and I love it!

Anyway, in other news, a little while ago we had a bush fire that was really close to my house, we were actually concerned we'd have to evacuate! Last I heard it was about 7 kilometers from our place, I caught this picture when I was riding my bike home from the dog wash at Murdoch and at the time didn't know anything about it.

As for the dog wash, it was fun, the funds went to charities such as the greyhound adoption group. It's kind of a controversy here that Murdoch uses the "old" racing greyhounds for dissections, but sadly the animals will be put down anyway (and often by the owners in inhumane ways) so Murdoch offers to euthanize them to use for labs. It is sad because greyhounds usually stop their racing careers around the age of 3 or 4 and then these perfectly healthy dogs get put down. They are such sweet animals, I can't own one, but I think if I end up moving into a place that allows animals I definitely want to foster some. They are actually very chilled and not very outgoing, which is funny because of what they do. Also, by law they have to wear a muzzle when they're out in public, which is really silly cause they are the most gentile animals I know! Anyway, here are some of the pictures from the dog wash. :)

Me and a pet dingo

Alisa washing greyhound :)

Another function was the overall pub crawl, where all vet students that bought a ticket got on their green overalls and went on a pub crawl organized by MVSA (Murdoch Veterinary Student Association). It was awesome, such a good night! We started out at the tavern on campus (known as the Tav) and then got on buses that had party music and strobe light playing inside, and went to three different clubs around Freo and Perth. Here are some pics (videos can soon be seen on Facebook). :)

Me, Aimee and Lauren

Before the pub crawl, that morning I met Maren, Caitlin and Iain in Perth and we all joined in a gay rights parade! It was very fun and very interesting. :) After that we walked around and did some shopping before I caught the train back home to go on the pub crawl (Caitlin and Maren didn't go).

Caitlin, Iain, Maren and I

Maren, Me, and Caitlin

And on St. Patty's Day I went to a St. Patty's Day party at the Tav. :)

Me, Ashley, & Lauren

Now I will leave you with some pictures of the animals I live with, some nice pictures, and one showing you how there's sand everywhere, even along the side of the sidewalks. :) Amazingly though plants still find a way to grow out of it. :P

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