Saturday, February 26, 2011

Locations and travel

Here is the beginning of your tour of where I now live! :D
In case you're not quite sure where Perth is, here is a picture.
(yes, it's on the opposite side of the country from Sydney)

And here is a view to get the idea of my new world and some of my daily travels. Listed are: Perth CBD (Central Business District), King's park (one of my favorite places in Perth), University of Western Australia (where David plans on getting his PhD in linguistics), Murdoch Uni (where I go to school), my work (Kenwick Veterinary Hospital), the Barrick's house (where I stayed when I was first in Perth), and of course, my house.

And now here are some close-ups for you. :) If you want your own special experience Google earth is amazing! :)

There is an amazing train system that operates along the Kwinana Freeway going N/S (the Perth/Mandurah line) and at the Perth Underground station there deviates other trains (North to Joondalup, West to Fremantle, SE to Armadale...etc.) I catch the bus outside of my house and that goes to Cockburn Central Station (pronounced Coburn :P) where the train takes me up one station to Murdoch Station and then I either walk the 10 minutes to uni, or catch a bus there.

To go to work I catch the same system, but go up to Perth Underground where I then catch the Armadale line and get off at Kenwick station. Luckily the vet clinic is really close so I walk about 5 minutes from the station to work.

Most people have a Smartrider card that you use to tag on and off of trains/buses/ferries and it automatically figures out how far you traveled and charges the card, which you put money on. It's very handy I must say, and saves lots of time! Here is a picture of the card as well as a train and one of the tagging machines.

Once inside the CBD you can take the red/blue/and yellow CAT buses free of charge. Here is a picture of what the CAT buses look like and their routes.

Stay tuned for more information about Perth, Australia, and what's up with me! I will leave you with a lovely picture of the Bells in Perth.

*Pictures sourced from the internet

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