Thursday, February 24, 2011

And it starts

School started on Feb 14th, and has been busy but very good so far. I haven't really had much time to write, but I'll put in a brief overview before I head off to class, and I'll write in a bit more detail later. :) I have biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, and veterinary professional life (how to be a vet in all other aspects... behavior, customer service, etc.). I like that they have the VPL course cause I've met so many vets from previous generations that have no personal skills whatsoever! I have made a pretty good group of friends in my program at uni, so that's very good. We're a fairly large group, so often spit up into smaller groups during the day and it's almost always different who I'm hanging with, so it's a neat dynamic. :) I am happy that physiology and biochem seem to be mostly review for me right now, but there are still some things to study. Anatomy is different that anything I've ever had, it's learning the names of the parts of bones (even the little knobs on the bones), the muscles, and where the muscles originate from and insert. It's a lot of information, but I really like it! Well, I'd better get going, but stay tuned for more info on what I've been doing as well as some pics of my house and some other random bits of information and pics on Australia in general. :)

Until next time
-Cassie :D

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