Monday, January 24, 2011

Things getting underway

I will be moving into my new place in about a week or so, and so I have been getting ready for that. Justin and I went to IKEA on Saturday and I got a side table, a doona (or dyna in Norwegian ;P... a comforter) and a cover for that; a pillow and pillowcases, a wok, and ice cube trays ($0.75 each and their shaped like fish and starfish! cute!). I also looked on Gumtree (a better version of Craigslist) and I found a queen size bed and bed frame for $250, which is really good! Justin and I borrowed one of their friend's (another 5th year vet student) ute (pick-up) and drove the 20 or so minutes down to Rockingham. It was raining when we went, so we went into Rockingham first and got an ice cream (just in time, they were going to close) and walked around on the beach while we ate them (Justin and I have the exact same 3 favorite ice cream flavors! Cookies and Cream, Cookie dough, and mint choc chip). Luckily it stopped raining and we went to the people's house. They were a couple probably in their late 50's who were originally from England. They had had relatives from England over for 4 weeks and that was the only thing the bed had been used for, so it was practically new; they were moving, so were getting rid of it. It's very cute, and when I get everything set up in my room I'll have to post pictures. :) They were so nice, and we talked for a little bit, then drove back home with the bed, and luckily nothing fell off the back. :P

The next day Justin and I biked to Murdoch, and then down to my new house to see how long it would take. The ride was very nice cause there was a lot of parkland that we rode through; the ride took about 45 minutes, so kind of long. Then we rode the straight way back over to the cockburn (pronounced coburn) shopping centre were my possible new job is (more on that in a minute) and then back up to Justin's house. Even though that way is farther, if I did ride my bike to Murdoch that way would be a bit faster cause it's more of a straight shot and less confusing. To the shopping center it took about 20-30 minutes, I forget exactly. It was funny too cause we rode right by a bike store and we both noted that it was there, then only about at block away my bike tire popped (badly, the air went out in about 30 seconds and I could see the hole!) so we went back and got it fixed for $20. We didn't see any broken glass there, so don't know what it was, but that is one bad thing, Australian walkways are often riddled with broken glass, I remember that from Geelong too (I had a glass-related punctured bike tire in Geelong too!).

Now, about the job. Monday (yesterday) I had a job interview at Muffin Break (the same place I worked when I was in Oz last time) in the Cockburn shopping centre. It went well in that they would really like to hire me, but it really depends on my school schedule, which I don't know when I will get! Unlike U of I they don't give you an idea when your classes are until last minute. So, the job's contingent on that. She did say that she owned another place, a more posh sit-down place called "Jamaica Blue" that she would keep me in mind for too. They seem to be a little concerned about me not having my own transport, but the public transport is good enough here and I'll have a bike, so I'm not to worried about it. Hopefully something works out!
I am also going to drop off resum├ęs at a bunch of vet clinics on Thursday (tomorrow is Australia Day), and when Emily gets back I'm also going to talk to her cause she has an "in" with a guy who I guess is really nasty, owns a lot of the vet clinics around here, but likes Emily; so maybe she can talk to him and see if he could use me somewhere. I can't legally start work until school starts anyway (Feb 14th) so we'll see what happens.

Today I'm going to ride to Murdoch to get some things done there. I have started going to a gym around here (a free week trial) and I took a bodycombat class today that was INTENSE and now I'm going to be biking more! I think I'm going to go back there later on today and have a nice swim! UGG!
Coming up next: Australia Day activities

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