Sunday, December 5, 2010

About one month away!

I am getting excited, but also sad for leaving in about a month. I look forward to going back to Australia, but I am not at all looking forward to leaving David again for 6 months, and very much not looking forward to not seeing my family again for a long time! :( I know it'll be fine, and goodbyes are always the hardest part (and thank goodness for Skype) but it still stands.

To be honest though, I haven't really had any time to think about moving yet, this next week is dead week and then finals week after that. After my cell bio final on Monday of finals week I can finally begin to concentrate on packing up. A few new developments are that I have my student visa, and David is on mine as well. We still need to get him a chest x-ray and medical check up though. Also, Emily, the girl who offered for me to stay at her place until I found somewhere, has told me that her friend has a room for let and that she gave her my email so I should be hearing from her soon. That would be really great if that worked out! :)

We had a bit of car setback on our way home from Great Falls (Thanksgiving break). Our car broke down in Missoula and we had to get the starter and the alternator replaced (rebuilt ones) and it was about $552 + $85 towing. Other than the price that setback wasn't very stressful because we had wonderful friends in Missoula who helped us out and gave us a place to stay (thanks Jerome & Judy!!). We also got to see my cousin and her fiancé again, so that was nice. :) We hope to just be able to tag that price onto the amount of the car when we go to sell it in the spring. We'll see how that goes. :)

Anyway, the next time I post I might be in Australia (maybe not, but we'll see). :P Bye!

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