Friday, September 3, 2010

Things are getting on way

After our wonderful wedding, and thanks to so many people who sent us wedding gifts, paying for the expenses for moving to Australia is sooooo much easier! I have already bought my plane tickets (I leave on January 11, 2011. From Seattle to LA, then LA to Brisbane, then Brisbane to Perth!). One of the american students I met at Murdoch (Emily) is going to pick me up from the airport and let me crash at her and her husband's house until I can find a place to live, so that takes a load off. :)

I also just sent off my passport renewal application, which I did expedited so I could make sure to get it back in enough time to apply for and receive my Australian visa before I leave. It's taken me a little longer than I expected because the name change process has been a bit crazy, but it's finally under way!

As far as school goes, I am taking Cellular Biology (the one required class I have to pass before going to Murdoch), German grammar, Intermediate Spanish, and Jazz Choir. Since it was (funnily enough) the best idea financially for me to go full time this semester, I decided I might as well fill up on classes that I like and that I won't be able to get at Murdoch. I also had belly dancing, but they canceled it for Hawaiian dancing, and then they canceled that! So, no dancing. :( Oh well, I am really packed full as it is! I only have 12 credits, but I also am balancing two jobs, so it's quite hectic! I am also trying to make some room for raptor club, which I hope doesn't completely die out of my schedule because I am really loving learning how to handle the birds and I am enjoying the birds themselves! :)

Well, I suppose that'll be all for now, but tune in again soon because it's nearing the time when I will be writing ever more often in here. :)

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