Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Sushi Station

I went in to my new work today for the first time actually doing something. My boss, David Lim, told us all to be there at 5 PM and to have our family/friends over at 7 PM for a free trial of the sushi! We mainly cleaned up the place (just built, we were literally wiping construction dust off of tables etc.) and dried plates. When our families got there we placed tons of sushi out on plates and put them on the conveyer belt. Sadly we didn't get to eat with them, but David (my David) stayed after his parents left and so I did get to eat with him even though he was full. It was really good sushi! I didn't get paid for tonight, even though I was there for like 5 hours, but a free sushi dinner for the whole family is a pretty good deal! I don't mind anyway because I was helping the business get going. There were a lot of little issues, and we were doing things that we won't actually be doing, but it was good to get a feel for the place, and it gives us stuff to work on in the future. This wasn't even the grand opening yet, so it was a pre-opening trial really, so lots of kinks to get worked out (for example, they forgot about giving people wasabi until they were almost done eating). ;P Anyway, I should start on Wed or Thurs, so looking forward to that in many ways.

P.S. I ran 4.2 miles on Tuesday, it felt great! I have never ran that far consecutively before, there were a few brief moments of walking, but I ran most all of it!! The only crappy part about it is that after the run my foot really started hurting and it's still at it. It hurts bad enough to get in the way of simply walking. Lame, now I have to wait a while before running again and I friggin want to run!!

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