Monday, January 9, 2012

First Year Wedding Anniversary Trip!

David and I went on a belated 1st anniversary trip (it was just easier to do in September than on our real anniversary in August). We booked a room at a cheap but lovely resort down near Bussleton, which is about a 2 hour drive away. We stayed there 3 nights; during the days we would drive around and visit wineries and art galleries and go on walks (we visited the lighthouse on Cape Naturaliste) and at night we would eat, watch movies, sit on the beach, etc. It was lovely. We even made it to the Chocolate Factory and a place where you can make your own muesli (granola) mix. Such a great area, and so much to do! We wanted to visit the numerous caves that are in the area, but decided to wait and make that one trip cause it's cheaper if you buy tickets to them all than individually. Here are some pics from that trip. :)

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