Monday, December 26, 2011

Norseman and the Southwest of WA

Norseman (or Nawsman as they pronounce it in Australia) was named after the horse of the guy who found gold in the area. The horse was pawing the ground and uncovered gold; so, naturally there are a lot of horse statues and themes in the town.

We used the internet at the information office and charged my camera battery for a bit before heading off to walk some of the trails in the area. We found one that went past a big gold mining area (there's still gold in them thar hills), and went to the top of a large hill; it's a really neat, and beautiful area. We didn't spend a lot of time in Norseman before heading down to Esperance in the South.

We had decided in advance that we were going to stay at Cape Le Grande National Park just to the East of Esperance because it looked like a neat area and was close enough to get to before nightfall. We originally had wanted to visit Cape Arid National Park further East, but at this point it would have been cutting too deep into our petrol funds and it didn't look like a very 2-wheel-drive friendly park. We got to Cape Le Grande in just enough time to put up out tent and go for a walk on Lucky Beach, just next to our campsite. It's a beautiful place that we really want to go back to (and it being only a few hours drive from Perth, it's doable!!).
We cooked in the open air camp kitchen by torchlight and met a very nice middle-aged couple who were just cleaning up their cooking.

Ant blops (I would hardly call them hills)

The next morning we went for another walk on the beach to get some views that we couldn't in the dark the night before, then packed up (while a kangaroo and her joeys, one in pouch and one at heel, hung about). We headed out and went and climbed to the top of Frenchman Peak that we saw on our way into the campground, the view from it was amazing!

Kangaroo tracks

This was how the trail was marked, so it was kind of make-your-own-trail up to the top. Lots of rock scrambling, awesome!

Then we were off to Stirling Ranges National Park!!

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