Thursday, December 29, 2011

Albany through Denmark

While in Albany we walked up to the top of this big hill where they had a war memorial and got some lovely views of the area, and before heading towards Denmark we stopped at this really neat rocky area in Torndirrup National Park on the peninsula just south of Albany. We did a lot of climbing around on the huge rocks, it was really neat!!

We also visited a wind farm where they had paths all around with information sign boards up everywhere. There's a really long trail that goes through a lot of Southern WA that goes through this area as well (seen in one of the pictures).

When we got closer to Denmark we went an visited The Valley of the Giants where the giant tingle trees grow (I know, what a great name for a type of tree :P)! There are truly some giants there, as you can see in the pictures. There's also a treetop walk here that you can do, but we opted not to as we did one in Victoria, but we want to go, so we thought we'd save that for sometime when we have visitors. :)

After all of this it was getting dark and we decided that we were close enough and we were eager enough to get home (in David's case, to the home he had never been to) that we just drove through the night (only a few hour drive). The area around Denmark is very forested so the first part of driving in the dark was a bit hectic as the road was really twisty and not very wide, but after that it was all good. We made it back to Perth safe and sound.

And here you FINALLY have the end of our Nullarbor trip across Australia!

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