Saturday, April 16, 2011


I started off the day early (getting up at 6 before the sunrise at 6:30) in order to catch bus to get to work by 8:00. On my way home I was in the Perth train station and there was a group of people all wearing headphones and looking down, then a blindfolded lady in a white dress popped up and they all started watching her as she went around dancing. They must have been listening to music or a story or something. This went on for a few minutes and then she took off running up the escalators to the street and they slowly followed her. A girl next to me said, "do you have any idea what that was about?" and I said "I have no clue." It must have been some sort of art thing.

Later, I caught the bus out to Freo to meet with Stina. I got her out of her studying frump laying in bed and we went to the beach. The sun was starting to go down when we got there, so we took a dip and chilled. Got some a mazing pictures of the sunset, and we experienced something amazing! Some dolphins went swimming by just a few meters out from us, we climbed up onto the rocks to get a better look and you could see them through the water, they were so close! It was a mamma and her baby. So magnificent. What a glorious day.

We then went to get some yummy red curry thai food and had ice cream (a pre celebration for her birthday on Monday). We went back to her place and studied for a bit.

What a wondrous day, i really enjoyed myself. I have been in a very good mood today. :)

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