Saturday, March 10, 2012

Our First Aussie Christmas

Now that we're finally telling you about our honeymoon...

David and I spent our first Christmas "alone" and in the southern hemisphere; our first summer Christmas. Our housemates Em and her boyfriend Vijay also stayed here, so we spent Christmas with them. We opened presents in the morning while eating homemade apple and cinnamon oatmeal (by Cassie) and chocolate pancakes (from Vijay). The dogs got some pressies as well and at the time we were fostering 3 kittens, so they weren't forgotten.
Later we had a Barbie (BBQ) and some of Vijays friends came over and we had our friend Iain come over, cause he had just gotten back from Canada and was all alone at home.
I also made gløgg (Norwegian mulled wine) even though it was hot, and apple pie while listening to Christmas music cause it just didn't feel like Christmas being so hot! Em said it didn't feel like Christmas cause it wasn't hot enough. :P Haha

The next day (Boxing day) David and I went to the beach near our house (it was very busy) and had a picnic/played frisbee, read, and walked along the beach.
It was a wonderful relaxed holiday.

The first picture is of our Christmas party at work. Sue, in the middle, is the practice owner. :)

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