Sunday, June 19, 2011

David & Cassie Together Again!

David got into the Melbourne airport at about noon on Sunday the 12th, and I was supposed to get in at 3:15, but my flight was delayed by about 3 hours due to the ash from the Chilean volcanic eruption. I was a bit frustrated because I had no way of telling David that I was going to be late, but I let our friends who were going to pick us up, Christine and Ash know. When I finally got to Melbourne is was about 6:30 PM and it was magnificent to see David again, and it almost seemed like we had never been apart! We messaged our friends and they came and picked us up. I felt very grateful when Christine told me that they saw online that all but about 3 of the Tiger Airways flights (what I flew) were cancelled coming into Melbourne, so I was extremely lucky that mine was only delayed.

We've been staying at Christine and Ash's house in Ballarat, which is about an hour out of Melbourne. We have our car, and we have been running errands to get ready for our big trip (buying camping gear etc.) as well as doing some fun things and relaxing. David, Christine, and I all took the train into Melbourne one day and went to the Queen Victoria Markets, into the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, the Aquarium, and went atop the Eureka Skydeck 88 (tallest building in Melbourne).

David and I drove down to the Bellarine coast on Saturday and ate a yummy lunch of bread and cheese on the beach in Portarlington, and saw the sunset over by Queenscliff. We then went to Geelong to meet with friends.
My indian housemates and us ate at an indian restaurant then went clubbing. The next day we had coffee with my friend Ane, and had dinner with some of my old Muffin Break coworkers! It was so nice to be able to see friends from Geelong again!

We were going to go to the Melbourne Zoo today, but Christine isn't feeling well and we kind of decided that we didn't feel like doing much today. We plan on going camping to two days this week over in Grampians National Park, and then plan on having dinner with Christine's parents. It's been a wonderful trip so far! :D


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